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Asterisk + AD perl scripts  v.1.0

Search information in MS active directory and create configuration files for asterisk.

BIOperl Scripts for PHylogenetic Analyse  v.0.0.11

Biospha is a suite of perl scripts based on bioperl toolkit intended to help researches to manage large sequence file. With BIOSPHA you can classify each sequence according to the NCBI taxonomy. You also can get all taxonomic info from a GI or

Perl for FTN Systems  v.0.04

This project is to provide a repository of Perl scripts, or links to where such Perl scripts might be found, for use on Fidonet Technology Networks (FTN) systems. A longer term goal is for the development of Perl Module(s), using the "FTN"

Simple configurable backup scripts  v.1.0

This small collection of Perl scripts is designed to perform basicincremental backups of individual directory trees on stand-alonepersonal computers (like home computers or laptops). Simple and very

Syslog Backup Scripts  v.1.0

This project contains the PERL scripts, which can rearrange the logs from /var/log/messages and insert in to the database. Scripts can also separate logs for each syslog clients as well as for each application of syslog

PERL lab experiment programming.  v.1.0

A set of PERL scripts that form the basis for a (flexible) lab experiment controlling system. GPIB and RS232 device controlling are planned to be part of the base system and not part of the experiment programming. Research life should be easier this way.

Util scripts for mail administration  v.1.0

Bash and perl scripts for qmail administration, track messages, statistics...

SimplePerl Scripts  v.1.0

simplePerl Scripts is a collection of Perl scripts that combine to make the must interactive software for your website.

Twisted Perl Remote Shell  v.0.0.1

tprsh (Twisted Perl Remote Shell) is a set of client/server Perl scripts which allow the server to execute commands on the client via TCP.

Web shell  v.2.2.1

Wsh, "Web Shell" is a remote UNIX/WIN shell, that works via HTTP/HTTPS. The package contains two perl scripts for server and client hosts, one C source code and one Java servlet code for the server host : the client script is for console usage and

AS2 e-commerce RFC-4130  v.1.0

This piece of code uses Perl and qx// calls to OpenSSL and to other small Perl scripts, to follow the RFC-4130. At 2009-09-09, the project works fine with encrypted, signed, binary and base64 . Read the README file inside the tar.gz for

BRIAM - Blast Results In A Map  v.0.1alpha

This project aim to build a graphical output of BLAST alignments with more then one sequence database. Using Perl scripts and

Cleanjobs  v.1.0

clean_jobs is a set of Perl scripts to clean cluster's nodes after failed

Complete IP firewall  v.2.0

The aimed users of this project are ISP, that uses Linux and Linux-based hosts as routers/servers. Requirements : Perl interpreter, iproute2 and iptables or ipchains. These perl scripts, will configure Linux kernel, routing, packet filter and

CViT  v.1.0

CViT - Chromosome Viewing Tool. A collection of Perl scripts that enable quick visualizations of features on genetic sequence. Initially developed for whole genome visualizations. Reads GFF3 data and produces a PNG

Certificate Expiration  v.0.6

Set of perl scripts to analyse and check expiration of user certificates in Microsoft Windows Certification Authority. Output is in HTML with list of expiration state of latest user certificates. Expirated are marked. List can be sent by

DeleteFromPOP3  v.3.0.5

Two Perl scripts for deleting of selected messages left on the POP3 server. You can select messages for deleting from within your mail client missing this feature, like KMail and Evolution, then execute the script which actually deletes

DoSched  v.0.1alpha

Online multiuser time schedule using CGI perl scripts and MySQL. It manages / links the following information via web forms: WHO ist responsible for which TASK and what STOCK is needed. It may be used by small organisations for planning their

Dot-Qmail Utilities  v.1.1

This is a collection of Perl scripts that can be used within dot-qmail(5) configurations. This collection extends the set of utilities which are part of the qmail package by Dan J. Bernstein and follows the conventions of

Esprad  v.1.1

Esprad is a radius' logs analysis tool. It consists of some perl scripts which read the radius' logs data, data which previously has been inserted in a MySQL

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